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At Petite France Australia, we are proud to say that 100% of our products are Made in France ONLY ! We carefully selected our french suppliers with the highest quality french products. From french homeware, to french body care, french linen and french kitchenware, you can find all your French gifts here on Petite France website.

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100% Made in France Table Linen : Discover Beauvillé's traditional method of producing luxurious table linen.

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French Country Style what is it and how do we get some :)

French country style is a style for your home that can be both internal and exterior and is basically indicative of the country homes in France. Th...
Napoleon Bonaparte - A little bit of French History

Napoleon Bonaparte - A little bit of French History

France is such an amazing diverse country with such a rich history, we thought it would be great to tell the story of one of France's most famous people - Napolean. He influenced much of France's great culture well beyond the military.
Notre Dame: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow ...

Notre Dame: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow ...

We were devastated to hear about and view the footage of the beautiful Parisian Cathedral burning during the week. We have spent much time in this part of Paris, mainly sitting in the garden at the back and always have a stroll past (but maybe not joining the endless lines to go inside. It seems that thankfully many artifacts and pieces of art were saved from the fire as well as much of the stone structure, however many will have been lost and certainly significant structural damage has been done.


Your products are beautiful, my wife will love them. I will definately be shopping with you again in the future

Mick, NSW

I love my handbags. The idea that you can lay them flat is genius, and the leather is so soft to touch and the colours are fashionable.

Carine, Paris

Thanks, super fast delivery, and my Savon de Marseille works so well for my cleaning...no more chemicals at my place!!

Karolina, Noosa

Absolutely adore my tea towels! I have bought a couple for gifts for next Christmas, but couldn't resist a couple for myself as well!

Sheilagh, QLD