All-purpose soap 500 ml lavender

Le Savonnier Marseillais

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A 100% natural soap made with pure Essential Oils that will reduce your clutter, as it is a multi use cleaner in one bottle. Comes in delicious and very French lavender -500ml pump bottle.

One of the great SECRETS of Le Savonnier Marseillais is that our 100% natural olive oil based soap is more than helpful around the house. Why clutter up the cabinet under the kitchen sink with harmful toxins and man-made cleaning chemicals. Le Savonnier Marseillais soap is so diverse that it can be used anywhere you use other cleaners.

Why we love it? Safe on all washable surfaces and household needs. Use it to deep clean your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, mirrors, windows, floors, counters and more in the palm of your hand.

Why we use it? No irritating fragrances; we added Lavender essential oil for their calming, relaxing and soothing health benefits while safely disinfecting your home. Our Soap benefiting you and your world.

We will also add an information sheet on how to best use it (Floors and Tiles, Dishes, Grease, Windows, Laundry, Vehicles, Garden, Plants, Pets)

made in france liquid soap marseille